Table of Contents

Geocanvas API reference
GeoProjection - provides conversion services between 'geo' coordinates and 'world' coordinates.
GeoCanvas - the main widget for the geographic canvas.
GeoCanvasGroup - A homogenous group of canvas items.
GeoCanvasLines - A group homogenous of polylines or polygons.
GeoCanvasPlaces - A group of geographic locations with a homogenous representation.
GeoCanvasShapes - A group of related primitive drawing objects represented by geo coordinates.
GeoCanvasPlace - a canvas group that is geo-coordinate aware.
GeoCanvasGrids - a graticule for the geo canvas.
GeoCanvasOcean - A convenient way to draw oceans onto the GeoCanvas.
geo-utilities - Some commonly used convenience routines.
geo-clip - A simple poly-shape to rectangle pipeline clipper.


The geocanvas library aims to provide a very small and simple set of API's to assist the developer in creating geographically referenced canvas applications within the GTK-2 environment. Using this library, one can take advantage of the Canvas structured graphics engine and the Glade GUI builder to quickly prototype high level applications that render and manipulate geographically referenced data. This project was inspired by the tkGeomap project and it does roughly the same thing except that it uses GTK vice Tcl/TK.