Geocanvas API reference

GeoProjection - provides conversion services between 'geo' coordinates and 'world' coordinates.
GeoCanvas - the main widget for the geographic canvas.
GeoCanvasGroup - A homogenous group of canvas items.
GeoCanvasLines - A group homogenous of polylines or polygons.
GeoCanvasPlaces - A group of geographic locations with a homogenous representation.
GeoCanvasShapes - A group of related primitive drawing objects represented by geo coordinates.
GeoCanvasPlace - a canvas group that is geo-coordinate aware.
GeoCanvasGrids - a graticule for the geo canvas.
GeoCanvasOcean - A convenient way to draw oceans onto the GeoCanvas.
geo-utilities - Some commonly used convenience routines.
geo-clip - A simple poly-shape to rectangle pipeline clipper.