Geocanvas API reference

GeocProjection — Povides conversion services between 'geo' coordinates and 'user' coordinates.
GeocCanvas — A GTK widget that holds a GeocItem tree.
GeocItem — A homogenous group of geographically referenced canvas items.
GeocLines — A group of homogenous geographically referenced polygons or polylines.
GeocLinesFaster — A multi-polygon item that paints faster then GeocLines.
GeocPlaces — A group of geographic point locations with a homogenous representation.
GeocShapes — A simple way to draw primitive geographically referenced shapes using stock CrItems.
GeocGrids — A GeocItem that draws lat/lon graticules to the canvas
geoc-utilities — Convenience functions that may be useful.
Geoc-array-g2w — Converts an array of geo coordinates to 1 or more arrays of user coordinates.
geoc-clip — A polygon clipping routine that may be useful for speeding up painting.