for geoc 0.7

Geocanvas API reference
GeocProjection — Povides conversion services between 'geo' coordinates and 'user' coordinates.
GeocCanvas — A GTK widget that holds a GeocItem tree.
GeocItem — A homogenous group of geographically referenced canvas items.
GeocLines — A group of homogenous geographically referenced polygons or polylines.
GeocLinesFaster — A multi-polygon item that paints faster then GeocLines.
GeocPlaces — A group of geographic point locations with a homogenous representation.
GeocShapes — A simple way to draw primitive geographically referenced shapes using stock CrItems.
GeocGrids — A GeocItem that draws lat/lon graticules to the canvas
geoc-utilities — Convenience functions that may be useful.
Geoc-array-g2w — Converts an array of geo coordinates to 1 or more arrays of user coordinates.
geoc-clip — A polygon clipping routine that may be useful for speeding up painting.


The geoc library aims to provide a very small and simple set of API's to assist the developer in creating geographically referenced canvas applications within the GTK-2 environment. Using this library, one can take advantage of the Canvas structured graphics engine and the Glade GUI builder to quickly prototype high level applications that render and manipulate geographically referenced data. This project was inspired by the tkGeomap project and it does roughly the same thing except that it uses GTK vice Tcl/TK.